Welcome to MrTinkyTech.com

This store is really an idea borne of frustration. The entire internet is full of cool, and cheap stuff that appeals to nerdy people. Like us. So much of it is completely missed because we’re either not looking specifically for it, or it’s simply just buried in the myriad of junk that is for sale.

So, we decided to create our store to list products that appeal to us. Stuff that we need, stuff that we want. Stuff that’s kinda cool or useful. We’ll search out the deals, and we put them together in one place. 

Our process is simple – you order, we process it. That order will then be given to the appropriate suppliers to fulfill for you. Different suppliers use different tracking methods and some of those to us are not free. We handle these on a case by case basis – we’re always aiming for shipping options with tracking that expect to be delivered in less than 45 days (and they mostly are). Sometimes we get better options and we take them – it just really depends on the product and the supplier.

Our goal isn’t to become a huge store with millions of items. We’d much prefer to keep the item list manageable and, well, browseable.

Why “MrTinky”? Well, that’s a long, long story. Exactly how that story even leads to this website is somewhat baffling even to us. It just happened. 

You’re viewing the second iteration of our website. The first managed to run significantly slower and wasn’t as pretty. Hopefully you like it. Hopefully you can find things that you’re interested in.