Changing Servers and Making our site faster

We haven’t added products in about 3 weeks.

That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy. Over Christmas, we started working on transitioning our website from our own server on our not-very-fast Internet connection to a dedicated server on a much faster connection.

It’s taken longer than it should have. Our first intended new home we discovered over a couple of days was simply not up to the task; the server we were provided was just not fast enough for the job. We then asked to change servers – a process that took around two weeks in itself. Once that happened, we configured it the way that we needed, only to find that there were a number of restrictions on the network block provided to us that needed to be changed. This mostly impacted email and our “Contact Us” form. A few more days of waiting.

Finally, we now have everything working. We’re moved in and the website is running substantially faster than it was. The cost and effort was worth the result. We can actually get back to being focused on what we’re here for… selling cool stuff.

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